Beauty Input IPL Laser Hair Removal System



IPL treatments can cost between $700-$1000 for a single treatment. With our IPL device you can get similar results at home for a fraction of the cost. For a one time payment of $299.99, you’ll get at home IPL treatments as often as you’d like. Get complete hair removal. Treat fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne, and acne scars. Never wonder how many pulses you have left like you will with other IPL’s on the market. Track IPL flashes and intensity level on the LCD screen.  Includes protective eyewear and universal plug to accommodate customers in various countries. 

Our IPL device comes complete with 3 interchangeable lamp heads 

Get Results At Home


Our IPL device comes complete with 3 interchangeable lamp heads.

  • Your main lamp (yellow for hair removal) is equipped with 300,000 flashes,
  • the yellow replacement lamp comes with 100,000 flashes,
  • the red skin rejuvenation lamp head also comes with 100,000 flashes.
  • That’s 500,000 flashes combined! You get more than just hair removal from our IPL, with the red lamp, you get skin rejuvenation benefits.
  • Includes protective eyewear
  • Includes universal plug type to accommodate customers in various countries
  • Has auto flash option, skin rejuvenation features, hair removal, LCD display screen
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